License Redstreake's Art!

Hey! We know a great artist who would love to work with you and your product ideas! Who would that be you ask? Jennifer Redstreake, that's who! (Yes, that would be me...) Graphic designer by day, painter and artist of many things by night, I have worked with several companies via licensing and did very well with my designs! I take my original watercolors and prepare them in Adobe Photoshop using layers and templates in order to design the products that you love. Having over 24 years of experience in the digital arts, I am fully capable of working with each and every company to create products that are unique, hip and fun!

I can create a new series of paintings for potential products in order to create an exclusive line just for the licensee. Possibilities are endless!

Redstreake Creative Design is constantly looking for creative opportinities to work with open minded companies that will result in amazing and inspiring products for the marketplace. I have a new series of work that I think would be great on your products. If you think it would be a good fit, please contact us today! We are open to new and exciting opportunities in order to showcase my work in new and innovative ways. We would love to meet you and learn all about your company! Let's partner together to make outstanding new merchandise!

Curent licensing companies that we work with:


Give us a chance to work with you! Check out our Contact Us page for more snazzy details :-).